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Is Money Everything?

I believe most of us (in our present generation) have realized that we have lost the real meaning of life and live a subservient or non-existent life with money being the controller of our life. Materialistic wants have become our latest obsession in addition to keeping pace with possessing everything that is being invented and marketed without really thinking twice whether we need it or no and to top it, we want to own it before the rest do! What are we trying to achieve by doing so..?? 
We all want to lead a secure life. But it is also important that we know how much are we willing to sacrifice for the comforts that money can buy. While the uphill journey of minting money is an ego booster; the downhill journey is a game changer for it is here that you learn who you really are..!!
Life isn’t about money alone. it is also about the people in your life. But, again, when you've people in your life, you've their responsibilities to cater to and with the responsibilities comes the …

Illusion or Reality..??!!

What kind of world are we living in today..??!!
It is more of illusion with a liberal dose of reality. 
The mind creates a world of illusion. Once this is done, our thoughts change to adapt to this illusion and accept it  but what we forget is that reality resides within us and hence we start experiencing the conflicts that eventually becomes exacting on us. Even though, the  abstraction of illusion is only a fragment of our mind, it has an overpowering control on us since we let it handle, the handle bar of our life. 
The World Wide Web has dwarfed the world. Google has an answer to almost everything. Today, anything and everything is within our possible reach from any corner of the world. Gadgets control our life and seem to extract from all of us, our time and money to such an extent that we, practically, live as an asocial in an e-World today. This world has undoubtedly reconnected us with old friends and relations but it has also limited us from individual bonding. Gone are the days…


The word 'Surrender' has many negative connotations equated with defeat, weakness and failure but in its true essence and form it also means "Being One with the Unknown Source" followed by absolute fulfillment. There are 3 choices that is granted to us in our lifetime: Give Up, Give In or Give it your all. If things don't get right, even after exacting yourself by giving it your all then accept the situation. Get into the flow. All along never think of surrendering as giving up. To surrender means to yield, to concede to the way things are and to give way to something else without forcing it to happen our way.  Giving up is entirely different ball game; it means to quit, to stop and to resign yourself to the idea that something is just not going to happen.You're not walking that path again, so, don't look back for all that's to happen with you, lies ahead of you..!!
We are perpetually at WAR with Life in all walks of Life. While living under the umbrel…

Words and Silence

Popular belief is that only the spoken Words are heard but if you really want to increase the effectiveness of your voice then Silence is the most powerful tool..!!
As Margaret Weis rightfully says “Words can never fully say what we want them to say, for they fumble, stammer, and break the best porcelain. The best one can hope for is to find along the way someone to share the path, content to walk in silence, for the heart communes best when it does not try to speak.”
More often we expect from the ones who matter to us a lot, to say it in Words what they mean to say just because we want to "hear" them for we believe that these words transform to feelings but in reality it is the profound enigmatic Silence in the company of true love and concern that evokes in us the feelings we so much yearn for. Only after one has used words as a medium and experienced it's limited power is one truly ready to experience and appreciate the unlimited power of silence. It takes a lot of matu…


In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, but in the strength of its bond.
The base premise of every relation is trust. Its easy to begin with trust but maintaining it at the same wavelength calls in for a lot of understanding, daunting unwavering will, continual transparency and unconditional belief. When someone with whom you connect and forge a relation gives you his/her trust, and you accept it, then it is your sacred duty to preserve the sanctity of the relation by not breaking the trust. Again, trust is not a single lane; its a highway and needs to be felt and maintained either side. 
Be wary of whom you choose. Its a melee of people out there and not everyone are genuine. Sift the real from the fraudulent. Some fake people get into a relation and win your trust not because they are fond of you or value you; its just that they are curious to know more about you. Steer clear from such deceitful two-faced people. Its not the worth your time efforts and emotions. …