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Peace Unknown

During my stint at Nimbus Communications Ltd., we had 6 months of season and 6 months of off season. Just before the onset of our season for 2010; my office colleagues & I decided to take a break from work and head to Mudis-Allepey-Cochin for 4D/4N trip to recharge ourselves.
I was overtly enthusiastic about the trip as finally I was taking a break from work and all the chaotic life around me. I desperately wanted to be myself. We were told there was no network connectivity till we reach Cochin which we would reach only on the last day. This to me meant absolute bliss. I had yearned for this and finally I was seeing this wish of mine fulfilled.
We reached Mudis on the first night. The journey was in the wilderness in the dark night with animals moving around. We were kicked about initially but then slowly we started having short naps. We reached the guest house late midnight; our short power naps had recharged us and we freshened up to chat throughout the night with energizers at ro…