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Born Again...

I looked at world through glass, watching its people pass, I thought nobody would touch me, that I'm safe but the world blew cold, in the depths of my soul, the deed was done, it was too late, menacingly ruthless souls walked all over me, crushing past me as if I am a nobody nowhere!!

It was twilight when I opened my eyes. I don't know how
many hours, I had been unconscious, how many days had passed into oblivion? It had been my decision to do it and I went ahead doing it.
Slowly I woke upto the realization that I was all wired
and tubed with needles poking inside me. I first saw my mom and she appeared completely distraught!! Inspite of the pain in her heart, she was happy I had survived, next was my bro' who seemed as much concerned and there were a team of doctors and nurses. I just photographed this scene and committed it to my memory. Nothing else made sense to me. My head was heavy with abstract collages running in my mind. Simply put, I did'nt know whether I was coming …