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Uprooting, Settling n' Uprooting Again...

For the first time in my life; I uprooted myself from my homeground of 3+ decades and moved to another city to pursue work opportunity. Little did I know that my lifespan was only of 5 months in this unknown city.
Uprooting myself for the first time was an experience in itself juxtaposed with so many cluttered thoughts that I had to sieve them all to reach its simplicity base. Once, clear, I packed up and moved on and did not look back. It did not end there. The spirit of my homeground had accompanied me. Everywhere there in the unknown city, I looked for a spirit or shade of my home ground but found none. The city had a mind and code of its own and was unwelcoming in every aspect. Nature always conspired to give me signals that I "UnBelonged" here. I acknowledged them, time to time but I did not want to give-in before I gave my whole to it. 
I paused my personal expectations from this place. Emotions locked; I nose dived at work from day one as I had taken my decision to give…

Stranger in an Unknown City - Part I

I always longed to know and feel how it felt like to be a stranger in an unknown city. My wish was granted when I got an opportunity that forced me to relocate to a city, I had never visited before.
But what unfolded was totally unexpected..!! 
Having been bred in a city that is a destination dream for millions of people; the city had given me a lot. I believe somewhere during my lifetime, the city became a part of me; something that I never realized before. Stark realization, must say..!! 
The pangs crept in when I had to pack and had to decide what I would take with me and what I would leave behind while moving to my new place of abode. Suddenly, I found myself caught in the midst of nowhere. In the last few years, I had moments where I thought, I was done to death with this city and had nothing left but this was not how I felt now..!! After endless conversations with my inner self; I realized it was only memories that I could take with me and nothing else. What the city had was intang…

Forced to rethink..!!

Life has been a blend of the good and bad. 
I let the events in my life shape me which I shouldn't have allowed in the first place. My life began and ended with the responsibilities life bestowed on me. I don't know when making both the ends meet and keeping everyone around me happy became the sole purpose of my life. I valued certain relations far more than they deserved to such an extent that I did not value my own existence. I am not an anti social person but somewhere when the tide turned tough, I found respite in the confines of solitude. I don't exactly remember when and how I had become an observer outside my core and watched life pass by. Had it not been for a recent spate of incidents that shook me vigorously and forced me to rethink on all aspects of my life, I would have continued remaining an empty and hollow person that I had turned out to be. 
Sometimes I guess you only have to take a step back and realize what's important in your life, what you can live wi…