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In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, but in the strength of its bond.
The base premise of every relation is trust. Its easy to begin with trust but maintaining it at the same wavelength calls in for a lot of understanding, daunting unwavering will, continual transparency and unconditional belief. When someone with whom you connect and forge a relation gives you his/her trust, and you accept it, then it is your sacred duty to preserve the sanctity of the relation by not breaking the trust. Again, trust is not a single lane; its a highway and needs to be felt and maintained either side. 
Be wary of whom you choose. Its a melee of people out there and not everyone are genuine. Sift the real from the fraudulent. Some fake people get into a relation and win your trust not because they are fond of you or value you; its just that they are curious to know more about you. Steer clear from such deceitful two-faced people. Its not the worth your time efforts and emotions. …