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Strangers Somewhere, Nobody Nowhere!!

A Project Management Consultant by profession with more than a decade experience across most of the industries, work has been the inspiration of my life. I am drawn to projects that are stimulating,challenging and require logical analysis or abstract thinking. My work has taken me across the length and breadth of my country to inroads unknown, to wilderness and every experience has inched me closer to humanity. It might seem strange that though I work on systems, it is the humans associated with the project who have formed a carving niche in my memory lane.

An unforgettable vivid memory is that of a project that shall always remain close to my heart. I was approached by a Trust to automate their processes and develop a work flow management system for them. My first visit to their office happened to be in a chilly evening of November 2004 and the visit left an indelible print in me. The address was the taboo street of Red Light area aka the famous Kamathipura (Mumbai). As I stepped into…