Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Journey of Life with I

Sometimes life writes stories that nobody could imagine.

Years back, I set on a quest to find out my calling in life. That further led to defining the "I" in me. Till then, I used to always say to the people around me that I am destiny's favorite child, thanks to the trials n' tribulations I had to go through from a very young age.

After a lot of soul searching and introspection; I now define myself as under:

This is ME
rebel, thinker, realistic, passionate, emotional soul!!

a soul in search of her calling,
a professional in pursuit of her goal,
a heart seeking it's own realm n' pristine love,
a child-woman yearning to break FREE..!!

Will I ever get to be all of it or is it just a fragment of my wild imagination where I am demanding too much life..?? How often and for how long has such similar thought crossed your mind..?? I am certain, I am not the lone one longing for such simplicity from life that has extenuated life's little things from our present day complicated lives. There are many perceptions that life is this and life is that but is there are true absolute definition to life?

The definition of "I" and the true meaning of life are intertwined and juxtaposed such that one cannot exist without the other and it is imperative that we define both and stay grounded on both by imbuing it in our system if we have to live a balanced life.

In our day to day survival in Darwin's world, we are told it is only the "Survival of the fittest" exist. So, is life a war field where you've to keep battling for your existence? That would lead us to a different world in itself. The man-eating-man kinds. For sure, none of us want to belong to such a realm.

Life is a journey not a destination said someone else. Is it indeed, actually? Now, this comes close to our experiences but still doesn't answer the query with an authoritative finality. 

Sometimes life sucks. Sometimes life gets so hard that you don't want to be put through it anymore. Sometimes life is so stressful, and all you want to do is cry and then relax to give vent to all your feelings that have been bottled up within you. But sometimes life is beautiful, too. Mother Nature is a true blessing in disguise. It calms and soothes your mind and you feel invigorated in its midst. Sometimes life feels so happy with little things that you want the moment stay forever. You want the universe to pause but at the same time there are also those  moments of hell holes in life that consume you in the vortex of the black hole and you feel as if its the end and there is nothing more that you can do. At such times, you just have to stay positive, and push through all the hard times. Connect with the loved ones and share your life as they share theirs to boost your adrenaline or go to some faraway place where you are not known  and you have no obligations to honor, disconnect from all forms of communication with the external world and in this new found solitude, figure out the mess in your life and iron out all the problems in your life by plucking and throwing the weeds that you let grow through moments of callousness. Trust me, this works..!!

And the only reason why you should be doing all of this is that LIFE is worth it and so are YOU..!!

Always remember, "Life is infinitely stranger than anything the mind could invent..."

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Valuing Relations

“It's hard to determine where to draw the line between being nice and not hurting people's feelings, and standing up for what you believe.”

It was a very recent experience when I landed in a similar situation and realized that such, too, could be the case that life could dish out to you. My only best friend with whom I share my life's one of finest relation on the basis of friendship based on the premise that we would be there for each other come what the situation be took me through it. In a platonic relation all you seek is time and nothing else. Not the clocked and timed ones but the once in a while kinds where you live in a world of your own catching up on each other and you're in a "ignore" mode with regards to the world and just spend quality time with each other. All was fine till one day, a span of time ear marked as such by him alone (a genuine surprise for me), got traded for a business deal on a later date keeping me in the dark until I re-confirmed. Its said money is the root cause of all evil and the action of my dear friend just demonstrated same. My reaction to it was stark violent followed by stoic silence because for me relations as pious as this mutual respect comes first. At least I could have been consented or informed in advance but none of these happened. It hurt and the hurt was deep. I thought a lot about it and I found my reaction to be natural and stood my grounds on same. It was a question of my beliefs and values and I had to take a stance. After all, relations as such are a highway and not a one-way street and to be taken for granted is the last straw. This is just one of the stray incidents that occurs in everybody's life (used for citation purpose). I wasn't the only one going through this but as its said emotional scars remain even after the wound is healed with time. 

It's sad that in this materialistic world where we are living where true relations are hard to find, get taken for granted by not being given their due and not valued at all. Unconditional/Do-not-expect/Demanding/Give-Take are all buzz words overlapping on their meanings but yet they fit into every relation in their own special way. At the end of the day; it takes two to tango and this is the ultimate truth be it any relation: couple/friends/siblings/... Life is pretty much demanding and taxing in itself, nowadays, why complicate it further by not valuing true relations??? Then all that will be left is bitter taste and distrust which is a direct outcome of your own decisions. Do not blame others or situations in that case for it is self created.

To sum up, there is nothing in life that stops you from refraining hurting others in such meaningful relations. Such a state of affairs is bliss but also a RARITY. Do all that it takes to preserve it.

Zendagi Migzara...