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Journey of Life with I

Sometimes life writes stories that nobody could imagine.

Years back, I set on a quest to find out my calling in life. That further led to defining the "I" in me. Till then, I used to always say to the people around me that I am destiny's favorite child, thanks to the trials n' tribulations I had to go through from a very young age.
After a lot of soul searching and introspection; I now define myself as under:
This is ME rebel, thinker, realistic, passionate, emotional soul!!
I AM a soul in search of her calling, a professional in pursuit of her goal, a heart seeking it's own realm n' pristine love, a child-woman yearning to break FREE..!!
Will I ever get to be all of it or is it just a fragment of my wild imagination where I am demanding too much life..?? How often and for how long has such similar thought crossed your mind..?? I am certain, I am not the lone one longing for such simplicity from life that has extenuated life's little things from our present day com…

Valuing Relations

“It's hard to determine where to draw the line between being nice and not hurting people's feelings, and standing up for what you believe.”
It was a very recent experience when I landed in a similar situation and realized that such, too, could be the case that life could dish out to you. My only best friend with whom I share my life's one of finest relation on the basis of friendship based on the premise that we would be there for each other come what the situation be took me through it. In a platonic relation all you seek is time and nothing else. Not the clocked and timed ones but the once in a while kinds where you live in a world of your own catching up on each other and you're in a "ignore" mode with regards to the world and just spend quality time with each other. All was fine till one day, a span of time ear marked as such by him alone (a genuine surprise for me), got traded for a business deal on a later date keeping me in the dark until I re-confirmed…