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Illusion or Reality..??!!

What kind of world are we living in today..??!!
It is more of illusion with a liberal dose of reality. 
The mind creates a world of illusion. Once this is done, our thoughts change to adapt to this illusion and accept it  but what we forget is that reality resides within us and hence we start experiencing the conflicts that eventually becomes exacting on us. Even though, the  abstraction of illusion is only a fragment of our mind, it has an overpowering control on us since we let it handle, the handle bar of our life. 
The World Wide Web has dwarfed the world. Google has an answer to almost everything. Today, anything and everything is within our possible reach from any corner of the world. Gadgets control our life and seem to extract from all of us, our time and money to such an extent that we, practically, live as an asocial in an e-World today. This world has undoubtedly reconnected us with old friends and relations but it has also limited us from individual bonding. Gone are the days…