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Eternal radiance of a pristine mind..!!

In my quest, to understand the subtle nuances of life beyond everything; I realized how naive and unaware was I about the boundless powerhouse I had within myself in the form of my radiant pristine mind.
As we all know, there are two facets of our mind: conscious and subconscious. While day in - day out, we sap our conscious mind to its optimal potential when we are awake (that's what we think, don't we..??!!); when it is actually the subconscious mind that does the wonders when we rest or experience oneness within ourselves. It is this facet of our mind that creates new dimensions, seeds new thoughts, shapes our ideas, liberates us from the layered wisdom imbibed through experience and sets us apart from the rest, making us "unique" in our own way while the former facet is more impulsive and instantaneous in its reaction to stimulus of life.
When both the facets are juxtaposed, our mind has the prowess to actuate us to create the incogitable. In a single moment, we ha…

Shun the duality - Just be YOU..!!

We all have many facets of us and en route the journey of life as moments pass us by, we are given various choices that are literally thrown at us and this happens through our lifetime. Why do we let whoever or whatever we feel at that moment as strongest, impede on all the rest..?? Do the rest, do not deserve fair-play? Who is the decider within us who decides this is it when you've to make a choice? If the choice results in happiness; feel content, if not; do not disdain. The choice was yours, alone anyway. So deal with it..!! Going forward, strike a fine balance always whenever you are making the choice. It's an art that needs to be learnt and mastered over time.
We all believe that our ‘individual self’ (at whatever stage of life we are) is who we really are and it is end of the chapter. But, have you ever been open enough to realize that the celestial sphere throws us in a vast expanse where we can exploit our "BEING" that in return helps us in understanding the …