Saturday, July 30, 2011

What's happening in INDIA..??

I just can't understand, what's happening in my country..??
We are plagued with constant Terror Attacks, SCAMS of all kinds at all levels, rigged Corporate Governance (Radia tapes) and International Sports Events Management (IPL, CWG), commual riots, disastrous civic administration (especially in Bombay) that cannot handle seasonal rains; thereby introducing flash floods as the new buzzword, the corruption list and faulty disastrous management list can go on endlessly. On the other side there are the constant suicides by harassed housewives, pressurized teens and sexually abused orphans who are denied justice to no ends. Companies like Speak Asia come splashing and hogging the limelight in prime time and go with the EOW awaking only when the deed is done and dusted; Indians looted of 2000 CR, once again..!! Corruption is at it's zenith.
India has been a known terror target for years and yet the ruling government have done nothing about it. Media and few honest law officers have done their part in some critical cases but then what does the judiciary do? Let people like Maria rover walk scot free and head high, shelter and take great care of terrorist like Qasab giving him VIP treatment, converting the once rock sturdy and feared jails to 5-star facility aided comfortable hubs for the doggy Ministers and white collared criminals, huh..?? The government is busy renaming heritage places like Bombay to Mumbai, Dadar to Chaitanya Bhumi; building 90 CR worth Sky Walkers from the hard earned tax payers money across the city and then pulling them down because 2 different sets of team did not do the planning together and the sky walkers now pose a hurdle.. ain't that a WOW..?!?
And, if they are not occupied in blame-gaming or buck passing on all these serious affairs then we find them busy minting money unethically off course and siphoning it off to untraceable destinations; throwing chairs in official parliamentary sessions behaving like ill-mannered dorks, thus adding more clutter to the rot, isn't it..?? The added icing is the ever rising inflation . Is any commodity, diesel/petrol, vegetables, medicine or service spared that has not burned our pockets with large holes due to its continually upgrading rates. How should a common man live and survive in such scenario when we the middle class find it a hand to mouth existence most of the times. Does the government understand it's RESPONSIBILITY towards the nation? If yes, then we would not have been seeing such days where we feel insecure in our own nation.
We need a crusade against the current system and the government. Unfortunately a few individuals cannot make a difference, because they will be lost in the system. It needs the massive support of masses to rattle the government, which won't be coming as each one of us has different priorities and country does not figure among them. Can we make our country our priority? 65 yrs ago, we fought to gain independence from the English and today, we are unable to find an end for the malaise that is eroding us with every passing moment within our own country. The tunnel seems long and dark, but will we find light at the end of it..??
The debate could go on endlessly and yield no results with each having their own two cents to add. Instead of just watching it mutely, let's unitedly stand together against this blasphemy friends; pool in our thoughts and see how we can better our nation. As for us, we have seen it all and we know how much of a dent it has left on all of us. If not them, we, who understand the gravity of the situation have it in us to join hands together and strive to make our environment more livable, less vulnerable and more secure for our future generation.
Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where did the real LIFE go by..??

It's been quite some years now since I realized we are all moving towards an unrealistic world trying to be ubiquitous just like everyone else doing what the so called society does even while it is not the real us. Each has his/her own journey; story to tell.

It all seems like a vicious rigmarole which seems to be usurping us into a vortex which will lead us where only time will unfold..!!

I have been observing this pattern and killing myself trying to seek answers to it without any success. So, today I thought I should write about my thoughts on it...

Inflation >> Never ending need to earn more and more money >> Family responsibilities >> Work Pressures coupled with politics and diplomacy >> Peer Pressures forcing you to take a call between spending time with friends or family >> Traffic/Climate/Health hazards >> Social pressures... and, we are done to death..!!

Hasn't this become a monotonous trend for one and all of us..?? Where have true love, values, subtle gestures, genuine concern, honesty, truism, simple pleasures all gone?

Like for instance take something as mundane and crazy yet noticeable, the FB addiction. The statuses all seem to be the same:
  • Monday blues...
  • after Monday, Tuesday even calendar says WTF..!!
  • TGIF..!!
  • Need a break..!! Vacation..!! Party time..!! Bored..!! Lazy Sunday..!!
Is this our so called LIFE..?? Where did the REAL LIFE go by..??

I've always tried to make the best of my situation and I thought I was proud of how I handled things in my life, but right now when I have this strong urge within me to be what I want to be, I find it to be quite daunting! My life wasn't a smooth ride but my determination made me who I am today..!! It is something that I seek pride in but am I really content within..?? NO, I am not. Why..?? The price was huge.

I feel like it was just yesterday when I was a happy chirpy carefree toddler and then suddenly here I am approaching my mid 30s. What happened in between? What happened with my life? It's almost like I have blanked out because all I can remember when I think back are collages of my struggle to make the ends meet when each time they moved the ends by the time I reached them or the spirit of love n' freedom spiced with few errant fake relations. Looking back, I certainly do not want this to be my memory when I tend to become nostalgic. Am I into depression or wallowing in self pity? NO. These words do not exist in my dictionary anymore. Experience has taken me a long way away from it.

It is said, in the train ride of life it's not the destination but the stops on the way, but what do you make out of these stops? Learn, mature, grow are the typical options but at the end of it when you have paused, do you recognize and identify the person you are seeing in the mirror..?? NO... you do not for each of these stops leave an indelible imprint on you. It is like you have been banded.

I end this here... praying for the overwhelming depth of strength within me that is made of willow which has always helped me wade through life: by bending and twisting and giving away rather than breaking..!!