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What's happening in INDIA..??

I just can't understand, what's happening in my country..?? We are plagued with constant Terror Attacks, SCAMS of all kinds at all levels, rigged Corporate Governance (Radia tapes) and International Sports Events Management (IPL, CWG), commual riots, disastrous civic administration (especially in Bombay) that cannot handle seasonal rains; thereby introducing flash floods as the new buzzword, the corruption list and faulty disastrous management list can go on endlessly. On the other side there are the constant suicides by harassed housewives, pressurized teens and sexually abused orphans who are denied justice to no ends. Companies like Speak Asia come splashing and hogging the limelight in prime time and go with the EOW awaking only when the deed is done and dusted; Indians looted of 2000 CR, once again..!! Corruption is at it's zenith. India has been a known terror target for years and yet the ruling government have done nothing about it. Media and few honest law officers…

Where did the real LIFE go by..??

It's been quite some years now since I realized we are all moving towards an unrealistic world trying to be ubiquitous just like everyone else doing what the so called society does even while it is not the real us. Each has his/her own journey; story to tell.
It all seems like a vicious rigmarole which seems to be usurping us into a vortex which will lead us where only time will unfold..!!
I have been observing this pattern and killing myself trying to seek answers to it without any success. So, today I thought I should write about my thoughts on it...
Inflation >> Never ending need to earn more and more money >> Family responsibilities >> Work Pressures coupled with politics and diplomacy >> Peer Pressures forcing you to take a call between spending time with friends or family >> Traffic/Climate/Health hazards >> Social pressures... and, we are done to death..!!
Hasn't this become a monotonous trend for one and all of us..?? Where have true l…