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One-day getaway from Bombay!!

The chaos at work place was getting to my nerves.There was no respite from the madness that was getting worser day after day with every passing moment. Beats me...why do we have work so hard if we can't grant ourselves the luxury of leisure even during weekends or enjoy on our earnings instead of continuing the drab!! Look around and you will realise, stress eating its way, succouring on every living soul, sucking vigour and freshness from each one of the lives depriving them of the very essence of LIFE. Everything seems so meaningless at times and yet we continue to strive hard at work, albeit mechanically!! Why?

It was in one such state of mind that I impulsively packed my bags and asked my friends to do so likewise for a getaway from Bombay. Fortunately, my friends were going through a similar phase and willingly agreed. All set, we met at Gateway to escape to the wonders of Mandwa to live by the waters which we all so much love.
Little did we know that mother nature had launched…