Saturday, September 24, 2011

Living in the Surreal World

The surreal world, once an evolution has today morphed so well in our daily lives that we fail to realize that it has taken over our real life.

Have you had to face situations where you had to save yourself with a smirk or a caustic smile and had the feeling that "What in the hell was that..?!! WEIRD... WTF". This has a lot to say about the socially conscious high tech surreal life, we are leading today which instead of advancing us has relegated us to becoming soulless bodies who seem to have an opinion on anything and everything about the universe.

It is true there has been a rapid evolution in the environment around us, especially technology that seems to be growing at a rapid rate and sucking us in its gyre. Peer and social pressure compels us to match pace with its version of representation of what should be our world.

Take for instance success of the likes of Facebook, Twitter n' its cult. YES, it has made the world appear a mere speck as against its vast enormity. We post on the walls or tweet and broadcast the most trivial happenings to one n' all, connect and chat with strangers for hours and days altogether (who may may-not be real), spend most of our time here when otherwise we could have spent it more productively. It has become so much a part of our lives that our kith and kin have to check our updates here. Kindles and mobile apps have replaced the hard bound copy reading.

Not that I am anti e-Social Networking, I, too, admit I am a part of it but I am supremely amazed with it's worldwide addiction.

When a poignant or cataclysmic incident occurs have you observed that we feel either momentarily bothered about it or feel desensitized altogether? Why are we transforming to be individuals who are disconnected from reality?

Our innate values seem to have to have buried deep within so many trenches within us that they almost seem non-existent in the face of it. Why does the surreal world appeal so much to us and the real defining heart-touching moments seem unreal to us?

Gone are the days when real defining moments touched us, money was not the be-all and end-all, fitness regime was the least on our priority list, we savored on delicacies prepared by our mom and did not bother about the calories, we took time out of our schedules to meet people close to us in person which further resulted in forming strong life long bonds, visiting a book or music store and sifting through its treasure trove to pick your favorite gave you a high, a trip to nature's paradise energized us, a walk down the beach alone or in companionship in sunset gave the best pleasure on earth, true feelings expressed in person made us feel euphoric, catastrophes and adversities bonded us and helped us tide through the crisis and weather all forms of storms.

Have our real emotions died an unknown death that we now look upon these surreal experiences to save our fate? Have we accepted these surreal experiences as the real?

Maybe, it’s true for that's how the world around us seems to be now. This surreal life, the kind that does not call for living in its true form, one which has become the real world for us, now, when opposed with the once upon a time safe, carefree, simple life that was enriched with true genuine love seems a stark contrast and a distant reality. Our reality checks have changed: for good or bad, only time will tell as and when it unfolds.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ever felt like a stranger in your own life?

I crossed the great ocean
and yet, I halted
so close to the shore
when I found myself alone
stripped off all will
n' deplete of any energy
to take me to the other side.

I am not the only person who has reached such crossroads in life n' found myself at vain. A peek around tells me there are many like me. It is not that one fine day, I had lightening strike me out of the blue that made me realize that I am a stranger in my own life. I have felt so many-a-times n' till date it continues to harrow n' browbeat the winds out of me each time I go through it. It is more like a reality check crisis where I find me questioning myself on: Who am I? What am I doing? How on earth did I land myself here? Where did my life go by? What is the way ahead? Suddenly, my life seems surreal and I find myself as an observer who is observing my own life in reels. Such incidents come and go but they blur me out while they last. It is in such moments that I find it difficult to define the "I" in "ME" and let the "I" be the captain of my ship and master of my soul which is how it ideally should be.

Changes in life are inevitable. You just need to go with the flow n' nature guides you through is what you are told but is it really so..?? No. With every change, there is a transformation that takes place within us and the definition of "I" has to undergo a change. The cycle continues till one fine day you look into the mirror and you fail to recognize the person you see.

The shackles in our lives have their own way of controlling the strings of our life n' make us seem like puppets or dorks, should I say..??!! Why do we let them hold us at ransom with such elan n' that too so rampantly? Are we so weak that we cannot step back n' take charge..?? No, we are not. It's entirely onto us to hold or lose control.

In the realm of the world we live in; we are all taught to hold on when the thumb rule of sustenance says you got to move on by letting go off things that bind you down. Contradicting it's own self, isn't it? I used to feel so too until I managed to learn the art of walking the fine line n' striking a balance. It took me long but once I learnt the "how-to" part of it, I have found it a little more easier to deal with. I haven't mastered the art as yet so I still see those days when I am torn between taking the decision of what to hold onto n' what all to let go. Time works wonders in such moments. It's amazing to find how great a healer it is. Do not think of such incidents as a "being sick" phenomena and isolate yourself out. It is natural. Let them occur. They are not meant to damage you but they are constructs that guide you in the right direction. Everything happens for a reason and you'll en route discover why you went through what you did. Keep the faith on..!!

Zendagi Migzara...