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Living in the Surreal World

The surreal world, once an evolution has today morphed so well in our daily lives that we fail to realize that it has taken over our real life.
Have you had to face situations where you had to save yourself with a smirk or a caustic smile and had the feeling that "What in the hell was that..?!! WEIRD... WTF". This has a lot to say about the socially conscious high tech surreal life, we are leading today which instead of advancing us has relegated us to becoming soulless bodies who seem to have an opinion on anything and everything about the universe.
It is true there has been a rapid evolution in the environment around us, especially technology that seems to be growing at a rapid rate and sucking us in its gyre. Peer and social pressure compels us to match pace with its version of representation of what should be our world.
Take for instance success of the likes of Facebook, Twitter n' its cult. YES, it has made the world appear a mere speck as against its vast enormity. We…

Ever felt like a stranger in your own life?

I crossed the great ocean and yet, I halted so close to the shore when I found myself alone stripped off all will n' deplete of any energy to take me to the other side.
I am not the only person who has reached such crossroads in life n' found myself at vain. A peek around tells me there are many like me. It is not that one fine day, I had lightening strike me out of the blue that made me realize that I am a stranger in my own life. I have felt so many-a-times n' till date it continues to harrow n' browbeat the winds out of me each time I go through it. It is more like a reality check crisis where I find me questioning myself on: Who am I? What am I doing? How on earth did I land myself here? Where did my life go by? What is the way ahead? Suddenly, my life seems surreal and I find myself as an observer who is observing my own life in reels. Such incidents come and go but they blur me out while they last. It is in such moments that I find it difficult to define the "I&q…