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Callous Mind!!

The impervious mind continues to move on at work in Mumbai even in the wake of 5 serial bomb blasts in Bangalore where a lot of relatives and friends are based. The phone lines are jammed and they cannot be reached, the concern existed but only for few fleeting minutes and when other incidents grappled for mind's attention, it went to rest in some remote corner may be to wake up at some later point of time or may be never...!!

A casual chat with a close colleague and friend in the office corridors brought home the realization that we have hardened over time, with the frequent riots and bomb blasts resulting in mindless agony and jolts that set us back when they happen but after awhile no more!! With the frequency with which they seem to be occurring, now the only reaction is "OK, one more!!" and that's just about it, not to forget to mention the instant vaporization of the topic from our minds.

Where we really so callous? - NO.
Where we born like this? - NO.
Do we fear d…

Journey to Innerself...

My short vacation in 2003 lead me towards journeying to my inner self. Read how...

It started with a negative feeling where I felt once again I was trading off on my wishes for my mom's religious obsession. While I was contemplating between a trip to Goa or the Golgumbas at Bijapur, she wanted to leave on a religious pilgrimage. My trip to Kadachadri mountain only ended taking me a step closer towards the beautiful nature.

Kadachadri mountain is a beautiful place situated in Kollur, Mangalore. The uphill stretch is almost 66 kms. The only vehicle that is able to make itself up the road is a Mahindra Jeep (applause to Mahindra's for manufacturing such robust vehicles!!). The uphill stretch is steep, curvy and unlevelled. The vehicle takes you on a stretch of about 56 kms; the rest is a journey is to be done by foot.

It's this part of the journey thats the most beautiful part where the concrete roads give way to nature's creation. The path to the destination which is a Adi …