Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's time to LIVE the REAL...

10 days of bed rest, post a surgery, gave me the much needed breathing space and got me to tread the introspective path which I seldom find time for in the humdrum of the fast paced career-tracked life of Bombay (Yes, I still belong to the rapidly diminishing cult of those who choose to refer to this city by its former name!).

We all dream as we grow. Dream of what we wanna do, what life we wanna lead, the hobbies/interests/aspirations we wanna pursue, the soul mate we seek, et al. But, how many of us do really strive to make these dreams come true? I, too, had mine, but somewhere en route this journey of life, I lost it, where is something, I am yet to figure out..!!

But, one thing is for sure, we have conditioned ourselves today to become someone we are not. We blame it on everything but us (or our own decisions); experience, reality, destiny n' all the crap. Crudely speaking, it is mere bull shit..!! It is we who stopped pursuing our dreams leaving it for a tomorrow that never comes or lacked the will n' determination to take it on n' see it come true.

If you think your dreams are unrealistic; you are wrong. What’s unrealistic is trying to live your life, working a maddening job in a corporate jungle, earning your bread n' butter being someone you are not, abhorring what you are doing n' for the rest of your life regretting not having endeavored to live your dream. You wish that you could quit this mind straining so-called career but you fear the financial repercussions and the crazy stress thereon. You wanna cling onto your passions and claim control over your own life, to your own freedom which today appears to be strings pulled by someone making you a puppet in real life.

I can vouch for this for even profession wise, I wanted to become a Research Scientist in Bio Chemistry but here I am with a career spanning 12+yrs in Technology. Honestly speaking, I, too, find myself at the cross roads at this point of my life but I have now made up my mind to pursue my personal dreams of being a poet n' nature photographer along with my existing career which I will voluntarily retire from in a few years from now.

I'm not going to be a part of this melee. I will not follow the mold, I will be different.

I will be MYSELF in a WORLD that is mine.

After all, LIFE is all about creating yourself.

What about YOU..??

Don't you think, it's time to stop living the farce; it's time to live the REAL..!!

Here's where... I am truly inspired and in sync with the base premise of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"; it's time for a John Galt to step in and take on the control's of the world's corporate governance and show them their true world. It's time to see in action Ayn Rand's theory of reality and objectivism in real. My heartfelt salutations to her to be able to foresee this in her times. Read the book, if you haven't as yet, who knows it might inspire you, too, the way it did to me..!!