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Words and Silence

Popular belief is that only the spoken Words are heard but if you really want to increase the effectiveness of your voice then Silence is the most powerful tool..!!
As Margaret Weis rightfully says “Words can never fully say what we want them to say, for they fumble, stammer, and break the best porcelain. The best one can hope for is to find along the way someone to share the path, content to walk in silence, for the heart communes best when it does not try to speak.”
More often we expect from the ones who matter to us a lot, to say it in Words what they mean to say just because we want to "hear" them for we believe that these words transform to feelings but in reality it is the profound enigmatic Silence in the company of true love and concern that evokes in us the feelings we so much yearn for. Only after one has used words as a medium and experienced it's limited power is one truly ready to experience and appreciate the unlimited power of silence. It takes a lot of matu…