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Time to Unplug

The world is shrinking day by day courtesy the brilliant advancement of technology. We have discovered our long lost friends and relatives with whom we lost touch. People who were a wonderful part of our childhood and growing up years. Happy to re-bond? Yes. Have the time? No.

You are in a perennial race and you always are running out of time.
Today's world operates with rules of it's own. Rules of a different kind that force you to comply and you do so willingly to step up and keep pace. Just when you think you have understood it, the dynamics change and so you force yourself to adapt once again forgetting that you have your own little world that needs you and there is an "I" too. You keep thinking that you are doing it for them, for you but NO, this is not true. 
There was a time when we used to be strongly bonded in real and not via devices and gadgets. The montages of these random memories always evoke a genuine smile in your face. Why then are you letting it rem…
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Stranger in an Unknown City - Part II

As much as I did not want to I had to pick my bags again to relocate to a new abode; I had to do it. Work affairs..!! The only thing that excited me was that I was to go through the phase of being a stranger in an unknown city who did not know what was to unfold before her and for the fact that I could explore newer horizons.
When I landed in this city, the first thing I did was inhale the air and let it sensitize me. I emptied my mind to make room for the new thoughts and feelings. I felt good then..!!
I had to rush through the first few days as I had to find an accommodation, fix a convenient route to office, arrange for my meals and step up to speed at work. None of my so called friends and colleagues offered to guide me through let alone help inspite of an earnest request. The first dent was indented with the people mentalities here..!! Is it so difficult to offer help to someone in distress..??!! To add to it, there was the daily dose of power cuts for close to 4-5 hours and the ki…

An End, A Beginning...

"What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from." - T. S. Eliot
The elements that had given shape to my life and to which I had committed my all seem insignificant now. Everything around appears so fragile including relationships. Things change, people leave. With the passage of time everything that made sense in the past seem derisory in their present form. Life's contrariness beguiles me.
As I attempt to make sense in repose, the only thing that strikes me is that there is something wrong with reality. Is this an irreversible phenomenon? 
Today, I have reached a point where I question everything. I seek answers and I seek them aggressively. Eventually, life has to make sense. Things have to fall in place. That's what I am told..!! I definitely cannot reach the end of my existential rope in this note without knowing the calling of my life. But, to do so, the only recourse I feel is to make an end t…

Persistence pays off, Resilience tides through..!!

My little brother met was on his way to work when he met with a a major road accident in 2007. He wasn't at fault. He had to undergo 9 major operations and lived in the hospital for over a year. His entire life flew off the handle with the severe damage to his leg, his mental trauma and agony of his girl friend ditching him and a bleak future that appeared like a horizon. In adversity aka tragedy, he realized whom he could count on in life. Learning for him but what sense of timing, eh..??!!
This was just one part. It is rightly said when there is a hospital emergency in the house, it is the family that suffers most. Relentless efforts by my aged mom and me helped salvage the situation. The outflow for his recovery and recuperation was so much that one point, I, thought  I was alive and earning only to foot the hospital bills. To say our emotional life was chaotic would be a classic understatement.
Through the endless dark hours, we were... awed, stricken, diffident n' disdained e…

Is this how it should be..??

What kind of ecosystem are we living in today? 
Everything is so superficial and artificial.The world is rife with rules of the jungle. We spend millions of dollars trying to find out life in another planet and we spend two times the amount killing life on this planet. What are we trying to prove?
Relations are formed with the blink of eye and called off within nanoseconds of dissent. Huh..?? It is not just about man and woman relations, it's about all of them - Parents, Siblings, Relative, Friends, everything.
The zooming technology that has wrapped us in it's little finger is making life insane. Sanity has been redefined or best omitted. Reality-checks have taken flight to John Galt's world.
Peer pressures. People pressures. Society pressures. Status pressures.  Pressures to keep up with anything and everything that is launched on a daily basis, now. Pressures for not getting enough likes in FB or Twitter is a big sore. What in the hell is this? The Technology which brought u…

Uprooting, Settling n' Uprooting Again...

For the first time in my life; I uprooted myself from my homeground of 3+ decades and moved to another city to pursue work opportunity. Little did I know that my lifespan was only of 5 months in this unknown city.
Uprooting myself for the first time was an experience in itself juxtaposed with so many cluttered thoughts that I had to sieve them all to reach its simplicity base. Once, clear, I packed up and moved on and did not look back. It did not end there. The spirit of my homeground had accompanied me. Everywhere there in the unknown city, I looked for a spirit or shade of my home ground but found none. The city had a mind and code of its own and was unwelcoming in every aspect. Nature always conspired to give me signals that I "UnBelonged" here. I acknowledged them, time to time but I did not want to give-in before I gave my whole to it. 
I paused my personal expectations from this place. Emotions locked; I nose dived at work from day one as I had taken my decision to give…

Stranger in an Unknown City - Part I

I always longed to know and feel how it felt like to be a stranger in an unknown city. My wish was granted when I got an opportunity that forced me to relocate to a city, I had never visited before.
But what unfolded was totally unexpected..!! 
Having been bred in a city that is a destination dream for millions of people; the city had given me a lot. I believe somewhere during my lifetime, the city became a part of me; something that I never realized before. Stark realization, must say..!! 
The pangs crept in when I had to pack and had to decide what I would take with me and what I would leave behind while moving to my new place of abode. Suddenly, I found myself caught in the midst of nowhere. In the last few years, I had moments where I thought, I was done to death with this city and had nothing left but this was not how I felt now..!! After endless conversations with my inner self; I realized it was only memories that I could take with me and nothing else. What the city had was intang…