Sunday, May 3, 2015

Persistence pays off, Resilience tides through..!!

My little brother met was on his way to work when he met with a a major road accident in 2007. He wasn't at fault. He had to undergo 9 major operations and lived in the hospital for over a year. His entire life flew off the handle with the severe damage to his leg, his mental trauma and agony of his girl friend ditching him and a bleak future that appeared like a horizon. In adversity aka tragedy, he realized whom he could count on in life. Learning for him but what sense of timing, eh..??!!

This was just one part. It is rightly said when there is a hospital emergency in the house, it is the family that suffers most. Relentless efforts by my aged mom and me helped salvage the situation. The outflow for his recovery and recuperation was so much that one point, I, thought  I was alive and earning only to foot the hospital bills. To say our emotional life was chaotic would be a classic understatement.

Through the endless dark hours, we were...
awed, stricken, diffident n' disdained
every emotion within us had been raked!

On a parallel side, we caught the culprit driver who caused the mishap that shattered 3 lives together. He was beaten up badly by the public and then handed him over to the police. We lodged the Complaint immediately post accident in 2007. We did everything we could to build a strong case and eventually we won it in our favor after 7 years of seemingly endless struggle and battle. The settlement is sizeable enough to secure my brother for the next decade compensating for all the loss of income he went through in the interim. In the wake of all the flak the judicial system is going through; I would say, Persistence and resilience pay off and not all is lost in our judiciary system as yet. If you don't give up; they do give in..!! You can trust and keep your hopes alive; if you adopt a "Never give up stance for what is right and rightfully yours"; you will get what you truly deserve.

I would like to sum this journey as...
In the depth of silence, I found the key
resilience, it shall be till eternity!