Friday, March 13, 2009

Midnight to Twilight in Bombay!!

It's been said that Bombay has the most active night life. With the growing influence of Western Culture more and more of discotheques, pubs, lounge bars have sprung out in the various corners of this most vibrant city. The darkness of the night enlivens the sparkles of the lightings in and around every hoarding and happening joint, reverberating in the music emnating from the night ride lovers vehicles of flight and some stray corners that are all silenced out by 10 PM. But I am not going to speak about all of these. What I want to share is what a common man sees out here beyond the so-called night life of the young n' wild from midnight to twilight!!

I have been covering the ongoing India's Tour of New Zealand 2009 Series online at . The nocturnal timings has shifted me towards working on the graveyard shift and this has been my precursor to seeing n' living the midnight to twilight life in my good ol' Bombay (I am amongst those who still prefers its old name to that of Mumbai!).

Whenever I have to trod myself to work at such unearthly hour, my cynical take on
Dr. Seuss The Lost Poem is all that keeps echoing in my mind...
I love my job, but not its pay
I hate is when I can't work in day
I love my boss, he is full of zest
I hate his boss and all the rest
I love my office but not its location
I hate it when I can't go on vacation
I love my work and all its chores
I hate the meetings with the deadly bores
I love to work amongst my peers
I hate their leers, sneers & jeers
I love my job, I say it again
I hate to work without any gains
The dark alleys leading to the highways give you creeps in the midnight hours. The silence of the night gets on your nerves and you long for company if you are the lone person walking in the light of the stars. The stares you receive from the few folks who by chance are out in the open makes you wonder whether you are commiting any blunder for having to travel yonder. As long as the public transport system works which is till late midnight, you see it in full throttle and the traffic jamming! The moment they stop its an ordeal to make it to your destination as all the night riders charge you double the day fare burning a hole in your pocket. It leaves you pondering why do you have to work at such odd hours!!

The railway and road side shanties are a world of its own! One gets to see boyz (as young as 11-12 yrs old) to men sitting in groups making merry singing raunchy songs, smoking charas, marijuana and ganja and drinking the desi daru (tharrah as they call it locally) through the night till the wee hours of morning. These men covering their head in shrouds while away their concerns and worries. No wonder we hear the crime masters emerge from such cacoons!!

The roads seem an expanse of an endless stretch and an aimless walk does wonders to your mental stress. The fresh air rejuvenates every cell in your body and it seems like you are floating in a misty atmosphere. Life by the beach is heavenly bliss in this time zone save for the massive patrolling done to curb untoward incidents. In the melee of answering all the queries of who you are and what you are doing at this odd hour, you forget to live the tranquil moments that nature has got to offer at the unearthly hours and rush to the concrete confines of your office cubicles.

There is no redressal to hunger at this hour as no shop or mall or hotel is open that would serve food to calm your pangs. You are forced to starve or make it a point to carry ya own food and drinks going forward. Except a few paan wallahs who still keep their shutters open, the rest of the city appears to be asleep. This is in stark contrast to the very line that speaks of Bombay as the city that never sleeps!! It does have its exceptions, after all. One thing that sure stands out is the fact that its the very spirit of Bombay that has rendered it safe for even a girl to travel alone at any time of the night. The freaky incidents that do happen once-in-a-while are just those one-off cases and should not be generalized.

With the public transport system prying itself loose once again at 4 AM, the mass starts clamming for their rides. It amazes how we have atoned our lives to flow in sync with the available travel modalities. With the first ray of twilight, when night paves the way for day, the hustle-bustle gather momentum steeply to gear and face the challenges of a new day head-on!!
Zendagi Migzara...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Shades of ME

a soul in search of her calling,
a professional in pursuit of her goal,
a heart seeking it's own realm n' pristine love,
a child-woman yearning to break FREE..!!

Its strange how the vagaries of life have evoked over time different shades in me.

A typical cancerian by nature, the shell is where I reside. I move in and out depending upon how I get the handle on life. Sensitive to the core and egoistic on the whole, life's little things ususally get me affected and the out come would either be a headstrong will, a traumatized mind, a crushed heart, an indifferent human or a learned soul!!

There's a part of me that no eyes have seen. Its that of a child woman who yearns to break the rules, who wants to lead a carefree life, who loves to watch the sunsets by the sea, who shares with the moon as if he were her best friend, who cuddles up to the warmth of her teddy, who soliloquizes when in solitude and who transcends time and space to experience euphoria.

Sheer zest in life, moved me to unknown pastures, bringing out the passion in me. At a young age, I decided against doing a job (to me it meant working under the dictates of another person) and moved out to form my own firm which today reflects the fiery spirit within me. The establishment of my firm has been a journey with constant exploration of knowledge through the contemporary emerging day-to-day challenges of stabilizing a non-funded start-up company. More than anything else it has moulded me as a individual who dreams to grow beyond any limitations and strives for all that one can be.

Time works great wonders. It heals wounds in a manner that only time can heal. Step by step, as the curtains of life unfolded before me, I kept unravelling its mysteries reaching new heights each time I went down. Loss of a loved one brought around a strange turnaround in me. Overnight, I changed from the meek homely lass to the responsible, mature individual - the head on shoulders kind. Betrayal in love, shattered me then lead me the introspective way till I rediscovered what constituted me. But the darkest hours of my life caused the gravest upheavals making my heart bleed.
not a day not an hour
not a second is spared
the canvas holds in it
every color of life
like the meadows that
are lively and wild
painted vividly by
the hands of the unseen
a picture that reveals
the story that's -

Today when I look back, I feel a sense of having made it to some grounds of accomplishment for to my family, I am a dutiful daughter n' sis, to my friends I am an anchor n' harbringer of bliss, to my colleagues a mix of terror, diplomat, ideal and pal, to the rest, I remain the unknown girll!!

With belief in the words...
"Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be"I continue on my journey of life...