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Midnight to Twilight in Bombay!!

It's been said that Bombay has the most active night life. With the growing influence of Western Culture more and more of discotheques, pubs, lounge bars have sprung out in the various corners of this most vibrant city. The darkness of the night enlivens the sparkles of the lightings in and around every hoarding and happening joint, reverberating in the music emnating from the night ride lovers vehicles of flight and some stray corners that are all silenced out by 10 PM. But I am not going to speak about all of these. What I want to share is what a common man sees out here beyond the so-called night life of the young n' wild from midnight to twilight!!

I have been covering the ongoing India's Tour of New Zealand 2009 Series online at The nocturnal timings has shifted me towards working on the graveyard shift and this has been my precursor to seeing n' living the midnight to twilight life in my good ol' Bombay (I am amongst those who s…

Shades of ME

I AM a soul in search of her calling, a professional in pursuit of her goal, a heart seeking it's own realm n' pristine love, a child-woman yearning to break FREE..!!
Its strange how the vagaries of life have evoked over time different shades in me.

A typical cancerian by nature, the shell is where I reside. I move in and out depending upon how I get the handle on life. Sensitive to the core and egoistic on the whole, life's little things ususally get me affected and the out come would either be a headstrong will, a traumatized mind, a crushed heart, an indifferent human or a learned soul!!

There's a part of me that no eyes have seen. Its that of a child woman who yearns to break the rules, who wants to lead a carefree life, who loves to watch the sunsets by the sea, who shares with the moon as if he were her best friend, who cuddles up to the warmth of her teddy, who soliloquizes when in solitude and who transcends time and space to experience euphoria.

Sheer zest in life, m…