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Pauses in Life

Now and then it's good to pause in our journey of life.
We all have different journeys n' take different paths along the way. We all are meant to reach somewhere, our destination in Life n' learn enroute. It is good to be on the move always n' keep adapting to changes thus evolving all the time. But, what do you do when you reach cross roads n' are unable to decide? In the fast paced life that we all live in today where we are all hell bent on living a runaway life, we are gheraoed by situations that call for immediate actions. What do you do when your mind n' soul akin send you signals that you got to halt, to re-analyze, ponder n' weigh the situation in hand? This is just the time when you need to pause just like Twilight: A time of pause when nature changes her guard. All living things would fade and die from too much light or too much dark, if twilight were not there. Even the rhythms in music are triggered by the spaces (read pauses) in between the note…