Saturday, August 24, 2013


The word 'Surrender' has many negative connotations equated with defeat, weakness and failure but in its true essence and form it also means "Being One with the Unknown Source" followed by absolute fulfillment. There are 3 choices that is granted to us in our lifetime: Give Up, Give In or Give it your all. If things don't get right, even after exacting yourself by giving it your all then accept the situation. Get into the flow. All along never think of surrendering as giving up. To surrender means to yield, to concede to the way things are and to give way to something else without forcing it to happen our way.  Giving up is entirely different ball game; it means to quit, to stop and to resign yourself to the idea that something is just not going to happen.You're not walking that path again, so, don't look back for all that's to happen with you, lies ahead of you..!!

We are perpetually at WAR with Life in all walks of Life. While living under the umbrella of such paradigm, it must be understood that surrender is an imperative aspect for any real attempt at authenticity and integration. To surrender does not mean that you are weak and unable to face life's crisis and have lost the handle of life. It's not that you no longer care about your life, family, friends. You very much do but with a different approach. In Life, we all experience blankness of mind where you are unable to take any decisions. If you're stuck at one such crossroad and are unable to make a choice; do not give up but do surrender to time and Universe akin and choose to go with the flow of whatever is happening around you instead of letting them cause the turmoil within you. Instinctively, keep walking ahead for you never know what may be waiting for you in the next corner when you’re willing to be unattached to the outcome. 

Paradoxically, there is great sense of freedom and an increased sense of control which one feels when he/she surrenders to the unknown force in the mystics of the Universe as against fighting the obvious that cannot be reigned-in at this point and time. 

Under no circumstances must life be yielded to be controlled by some odd doctrines that do not make any sense. As it is rightly said, one must go with the flow or be the flow. When the latter may seem hideous at times; opting for the former is a clear baby step towards clearing all the voices in your head till you find your bearings that have been marred by circumstances. So, gracefully surrender to the flow of life even if momentarily, accepting things as they are in this moment and are able to move into the next moment from that place of peace/dissonance. Acceptance of this very fact makes all the difference. The rest just fall in place with time.

After having surrendered to the various nadirs of my life; I would sum myself, today, as:
I am in oneness with Nature.
I am the part of flow.
I am the flow.