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The word 'Surrender' has many negative connotations equated with defeat, weakness and failure but in its true essence and form it also means "Being One with the Unknown Source" followed by absolute fulfillment. There are 3 choices that is granted to us in our lifetime: Give Up, Give In or Give it your all. If things don't get right, even after exacting yourself by giving it your all then accept the situation. Get into the flow. All along never think of surrendering as giving up. To surrender means to yield, to concede to the way things are and to give way to something else without forcing it to happen our way.  Giving up is entirely different ball game; it means to quit, to stop and to resign yourself to the idea that something is just not going to happen.You're not walking that path again, so, don't look back for all that's to happen with you, lies ahead of you..!!
We are perpetually at WAR with Life in all walks of Life. While living under the umbrel…