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Forced to rethink..!!

Life has been a blend of the good and bad. 
I let the events in my life shape me which I shouldn't have allowed in the first place. My life began and ended with the responsibilities life bestowed on me. I don't know when making both the ends meet and keeping everyone around me happy became the sole purpose of my life. I valued certain relations far more than they deserved to such an extent that I did not value my own existence. I am not an anti social person but somewhere when the tide turned tough, I found respite in the confines of solitude. I don't exactly remember when and how I had become an observer outside my core and watched life pass by. Had it not been for a recent spate of incidents that shook me vigorously and forced me to rethink on all aspects of my life, I would have continued remaining an empty and hollow person that I had turned out to be. 
Sometimes I guess you only have to take a step back and realize what's important in your life, what you can live wi…