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Is Money Everything?

I believe most of us (in our present generation) have realized that we have lost the real meaning of life and live a subservient or non-existent life with money being the controller of our life. Materialistic wants have become our latest obsession in addition to keeping pace with possessing everything that is being invented and marketed without really thinking twice whether we need it or no and to top it, we want to own it before the rest do! What are we trying to achieve by doing so..?? 

We all want to lead a secure life. But it is also important that we know how much are we willing to sacrifice for the comforts that money can buy. While the uphill journey of minting money is an ego booster; the downhill journey is a game changer for it is here that you learn who you really are..!!

Life isn’t about money alone. it is also about the people in your life. But, again, when you've people in your life, you've their responsibilities to cater to and with the responsibilities comes the need to have more money. Oh! What a blessed rigmarole..??!! This is something which we cannot escape but given a timely reality-check and by taking the necessary measures, we can balance it right while walking on the trapeze of life.

Money, like caffeine and cocaine, is addictive..!! 

Money, while it makes us independent also comes with an elixir which gives its owner a feeling that everything can be bought with money. Such is its power that we fail to realize that its addiction is exacting on the sanctity of our relationships with family and friends. If we embark on an endless pursuit of minting money without knowing when is enough, enough, the result would be a catastrophe that cannot be contained. You start feeling you are who you are due to the prowess of money you have and not because what was instilled in you when you were growing up in life. You start trading feelings for stocks to ensure you have a portfolio to boast of and flaunt..!! You feed your ego and move only in the upmarket segment, refusing to connect with people who are not in par with your riches. You start pitying and ignoring them little knowing the truth that these are the very people who are more grounded and lead a happy and better life because their relations are bonded strong and their wants are few. For them money is a means and not the be-all and end-all of life . 

At the sunset of your life, you'll realize that it is not the bank balance that you have but the strong meaningful relationships that will keep you going. It is not about the targets you achieved in your career or the games you played to climb higher up the ladder but it is about the difference you made to the lives you touched. 

To sum it... Do not be a money digger, invest in relations for by doing so happiness and success, both, will find you..!!


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