Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Known Unknown

Life's journey is made of many sojourns. While some are big, some are small. This journey is accomplished with many people who come across as travelers in our lives but some last life long. As we grow, we know we need more of such real lasting ones to make our journey more meaningful as life when lived alone often leads to sadness, loneliness and melancholy but when lived in the company of anam cara's often turns out to be joyous as happy times get multiplied and testing times are divided and feel less harsh.

What happens when suddenly in your life, you feel as if you've been hit by a whirlwind and someone known feels like an unknown..?? No matter what you cannot relate with that person now the way you did earlier.

Life comes to a standstill momentarily till you're able to collect yourself and figure out what went wrong in the relation. How did it turn sour? How did the bridges turn into gaps and further into chasms? How come you never saw the storm coming and set your pulse on the visible symptoms? At times, you seek the answers you want which puts your mind at rest and makes it easier for you to move on; while at other times it seems like a black hole. No amount of introspection is going to help for what's occurred has occured and cannot be undone. At best, you can re-categorize this person who though appeared like an anam cara in your life, initially, turned out to be a traveler meant to last only a season and not a lifetime. There are some people who leave you when you no longer serve the purpose of their life and so they leave you mid-way and move on for no fault of yours. In order to live a better life, you've to figure out a way to weed away such people from your life and keep only the real ones.

Remember, the ones who stick with you through life's ups, sides and downs without expecting anything in return are the real people in your life. On a lighter note, life is like a party; as long as the party lasts everyone stays around but very few stay back to clean the mess long after the party is over in the wee hours. These are the real people who will stick around with you. 

Though, it's sad when people you know become people you knew but truth remains that this is a part of life and you've to deal with it. Your life does not end with their moving out of your realm. Like them, you, too, have to learn to "Move On" treating the entire incident as an experience in your life and cherishing the happy memories forever (if you choose to..!!). 

Zendagi Migzara...

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